• Dr. Mariana Pardo

    I truly enjoyed this CPR course. The audiovisuals simplify an otherwise difficult concept to grasp. Working in the emergency field has brought to my attention how lacking we are in these subjects. An already low success rate is exacerbated by an unprepared team, courses as this one will increase our chances of success by minimizing common mistakes. Engaging courses as the one VeritasDVM has prepared is a must for all members of the emergency staff.

    Dr. Mariana Pardo | Veterinarian

  • Nancy Lawyer, LVT

    I thoroughly enjoyed the CPR course offered. I found the content highly informative and useful. I haven't been presented with a CPA yet, but I feel confident that should the opportunity arise, I will be more efficient, faster and thorough while performing CPR. I will recommend Veritas continuing education to others and I will definitely take other courses offered.

    Nancy Lawyer, LVT | Licensed Veterinary Technician

  • JoLynne Grant DVM

    I enjoyed from the CPR: Basic Life Support course that Veritas DVM produced.  It provided basic physiology and anatomy to give  background in what CPR is trying to emulate without being overly simplistic. It described how CPR is supposed to be done through text, animation and video.  I especially enjoyed the last module where a team approach was demonstrated.  The vignettes at the end were pretty life like in terms of staff and doctors!  Overall, I felt that the course brought together  many concepts as to what CPR is, how it is supposed to be performed and what everyone's role is vs the basic descriptions that I have seen from other sources.  The quizzes afterward were relevant and helpful identifying anything that needed to be reviewed.

    JoLynne Grant DVM | Great Lakes Pet Emergencies Saginaw, MI


  • Dr. Mike McFarland

    I'm Mike McFarland, Group Director of Veterinary Operations for Zoetis. One of the common themes I hear again and again is that veterinarians are hungry for high quality continuing education, particularly in the online space.

    Veritas is an opportunity to bring highly interactive, highly credible, peer-reviewed, case-based educational content that also interweaves important components of medical education along with practice management topics and key issues related to communication skills.

    I think it's important to explain the role that Zoetis has in the development of the Veritas platform:  Zoetis plays a key role in the development of the technology and learning management systems – essentially, where the content actually sits.  And we contribute our  expertise in the marketing and distribution of that content by leveraging our sales force to communicate the courses that are available to our customers.  However, one key role that we don't have is the actual creation of the content itself.  Zoetis doesn't create courses or determine how content is positioned -- that's left to the subject matter experts at Cornell and Texas A&M Universities.  The Veritas partnership has gone through a great deal of effort to set up a peer review process to ensure that all the content is not only cutting edge, but represents the standard of practice in veterinary medicine. 

    Dr. Mike McFarland | Group Director, Veterinary Operations at Zoetis