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Course: Dermatology: An Overgrooming Cat

Dermatology: An Overgrooming Cat
Duration: 1 Hours Total Modules: 1 CE CREDITS: 1.0 Author(s): Michele R. Rosenbaum, VMD, Dip ACVD

Itchy cats are very common in practice and can be a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. It is tempting to just treat these cats symptomatically with repeated long-acting glucocorticoid injections. However, long-acting steroid injections can mask response to diagnostic trials and make it more difficult to treat pyoderma successfully. In addition, chronic use of steroids in cats may cause diabetes, hair loss, thinning of the skin/curling of the pinnae, and heart failure in rare cases.


Module 1: Dermatology: An Overgrooming Cat

Duration: 1 Hours CE CREDITS: 1.0

In this case, we will take a different approach. We will go through a case of a pruritic cat together using a logical stepwise approach that focuses on identifying and correcting the underlying cause of the itch.

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